Kosta Browne Dinner at Bistro Bis

Michael Browne, Winemaker/Owner of Kosta Browne

Earlier this week, I had the pleasure of meeting Michael  Browne, winemaker/owner of the uber-popular Kosta Browne Winery – producer of elegant California Pinot Noir wines, for a remarkable wine dinner at Bistro Bis in Washington, DC. Tony Lombardi, PR rep extraordinaire, also attended the dinner.

In honor of the occasion, several members of a regular tasting group, joined in and brought some pretty remarkable wines with them, including 1996 Cos d’Estournel, 2005 Bond, 2006 Aubert “Ritchie Vineyard” Chardonnay, 2006  Dublere Volnay Les Pitures 1er Cru, and, of course, a gaggle of Kosta Browne pinots, to name but a few.

But of all the stellar wines we had that night, the undisputed wine of the night was the new, never before released, 2009 Kosta Browne Chardonnay. Yes, Chardonnay! As much as I adore Aubert wines, particularly the Chardonnays, the KB Chard was pitch perfect! Even at this remarkably young age, it was focused, balanced and elegant. The only depressing thing about the wine is that Michael only made 200 cases, so I doubt I will have the pleasure of having that wine please my palate again… unless I haul by butt out to Sonoma and show up on his doorstep with an empty glass.

And I’d be remiss if I did not thank the entire staff at Bistro Bis for a remarkable experience. Special thanks to the Chef de Cuisine, Joe Harran, and Omar, the most outstanding Sommelier in the entire restaurant!


Raviolis Des Champignon et Artichauts  

forest mushroom and artichoke ravioli with

spring vegetables and black truffles

Salmon Argenteuil

pepper crusted salmon with white asparagus, black trumpet

mushrooms ,potato gnocchi and veal cheek ravigote


Gigot d’Agneau Roti  

spice crusted lamb top round with rapini, peppers,

onions , socca frites and white balsamic vinaigrette


Selection of Artisanal Cheese

I will have the tasting notes published shortly… stay tuned!

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