The Future of Cabernet – 2009 California Barrel Tasting

This year, the 26th Annual California Barrel Tasting featured over 60 wines from 37 different wineries, mostly from the acclaimed 2009 vintage. Since the wines are still aging in barrels – and are not commercially available for a year or two – they are offered now at a price below the future retail price. This practice is referred to as buying ‘futures’ and is a savvy way to purchase collectable wines at a discount.

If you are thinking about buying a few wines to save for a special occasion, the 2009 vintage in Napa Valley is a particularly good year to consider. The weather in Napa during the 2009 season was long and warm, allowing the fruit to ripen slowly and evenly. Many of the wines I tasted at the event possessed excellent fruit concentration, but more importantly, outstanding balance, with firm tannins and ample acidity. Most of these wines will drink well for ten-plus years, if you can resist the urge to open them up sooner.

DC Examiner April 7, 2011 – 26th Annual California Barrel Tasting – The Vine Guy

A Cult Cabernet at a Fraction of the Price

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