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Raving About Elvis Costello and The Imposters

Elvis Costello very well could be the best know rocker in horned-rimmed glasses since Buddy Holly – and for good reason… he ROCKS! Costello blew in to town last night (September 29, 2011) on his Wheel of Songs Tour with … Continue reading

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Champagne – Part Four: The Houses

In Champagne region, the Growers own over 90 percent of the 84,000 acres of vineyards in the appellation but it is the Champagne “Houses” that produce the majority of the wine. The Houses need to buy grapes from the growers, … Continue reading

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Champagne – Part Three: Growers and Co-ops

For being such a relatively small agricultural region, Champagne may just be the most regulated wine region on the planet. Overseeing all of the rules and regulations is the Committee for Viticulture of Champagne (CIVC), whose professional staff is directed … Continue reading

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Hail To The Red Skins Of Washington…. State, That Is!

Washington State is often described as combing New World fruit with Old World style where complex structure melds with lush, ripe fuit – sort of France Meets California…  So, when you sit down this weekend to watch the Washington Redskins game, enjoy it … Continue reading

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Champagne – More Than a Wine… A Method – Part Two

Have you ever wondered how all of those marvelous bubbles actually get into a glass of Champagne? Having just spent five days in the heart of the Champagne region of France, I can assure you it is by very precise … Continue reading

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Champagne – Part One: A Place

Champagne is so much more than just bubbles in a glass. It is one of the most beautiful wine regions in France as well as one of most tightly regulated and controlled appellations in the winemaking world. I recently visited … Continue reading

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WUSA Channel 9 – What Wine To Serve This Labor Day Weekend

Planning on having people over for Labor Day this weekend? Are you wondering if you should serve a white wine to celebrate the last days of summer or a red wine to embrace the coming fall season? Here are my … Continue reading

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Screw Cap Conundrum

I recently had an encounter with a cork-snob… someone who firmly believes that only wines with traditional cork closures are the only ones worth drinking and that wines sealed with a screw cap are less-than-average. WRONG! Screw caps are not … Continue reading

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