Oktoberfest is for Beer!

People are always amazed when I tell them that I really like beer. I know that my moniker, The Vine Guy, suggests otherwise, but my first love before wine was beer. I even brewed my own for several years – until my wife became pregnant with our first child and she had an “adverse” reaction to the smell of the wort.  But my love affair with beer continues.

With the onset of Oktoberfest, my beer-roots bubble up to the surface like the head of a perfectly poured lager. And this time of year is a great way to drive home the point that, just like fine wine, many beers are brewed to be paired with specific types of food. Just like the following beers…

Click here to read about beers I recommend for Oktoberfest in the DC Examiner Newspaper

Click here to listen my recommendations on WTOP Radio Wine (um, Beer) Of The Week

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