Argyle Makes Wines with Soles

Texas native Rollin Soles is not your average winemaker. After attending the University of California at Davis, where he earned his Masters of Science in Enology and Viticulture, he set his sights on producing wines in Oregon, well before the state was known as a winemaking powerhouse.

 In 1987, Soles co-founded Argyle Winery in the beautifully sculpted Willamette Valley in the northwestern region of Oregon. From the beginning, Soles has been dedicated to practicing sustainable agriculture and ecological stewardship. Rollin insists, “Our biggest motivation is future generations and leaving behind vineyards and systems that are as healthy and strong as possible. At Argyle we try to think two generations ahead.” And it has paid off.

Check out this week’s Vine Guy reviews of Argyle Wines in the DC Examiner Newspaper

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