Mother’s Day Gift Ideas – The Vine Gal

I know that the old adage about gift giving is, “it’s the thought that counts,” but this Mother’s Day, mom thinks it would be wonderful to receive a “tasteful” gift. After all, if you have a mother who loves to cook – and occasionally enjoys a delicious glass of wine along with her culinary efforts – then you’ll love the idea of pairing cookbooks and wine. And if it really is the “thought that counts,” chances are good that thoughtful spouses and children will reap the benefits of mom’s kitchen creations.

This week’s Vine Guy column was actually penned by the Vine Gal – so there is no mistaking what she’d like to take for a taste drive this Mother’s Day!

Click here to read a mother’s recommendations in this week’s Vine Gal column in the Washington Examiner Newspaper


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