He Said/She Said Annual Thanksgiving Day Wine Guide

Each year, we like to pick a wine theme for Thanksgiving and have some fun with it. And while the themes may change from year to year, the challenge of pairing wines with a traditional Thanksgiving meal still remains the same. With all of the competing flavors and textures battling it out for space on the palate, selecting the right wines can be a little bit like navigating a culinary maze without a recipe. Add to that the task of pairing wines to suit different guests’ tastes and preferences (while staying within budget) and the undertaking seems nearly impossible.

 Click here to read about our assortment of wines for this year’s Thanksgiving theme, All-American Wines, in this week’s Vine Guy column in the Washington, DC Examiner Newspaper

Click here to listen to Thankgiving wine recommendations on WTOP Radio’s Wine of the Week

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