Ravens Fans Rave About Ravenswood Wines

The upcoming football finale is finally here, and this year I actually have a proverbial dog in the fight. I grew up in a household that revered the San Francisco 49ers. But alas, the 49ers are definitely not the local favorite, so it appears that my only ticket to overcoming the social stigma of rooting for the other team is to offer up winning wines that will, at the very least, get my foot in the door and hopefully a seat on the couch.

The obvious choice was easy. I am rooting with – and for – Ravenswood Wines.

Click here to read about my favorite Ravenswood Wines in this week’s Vine Guy Column in the Washington, DC Examiner Newspaper

Click here to listen to this week’s Wine of the Week on WTOP Radio

Go 49ners!

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