The Best of the Best – Winners from the San Francisco International Wine Competition

Woe is me – Every June, I have to schlep out to San Francisco where I am forced to swirl, sip, gurgle and spit over 200 wines per day for three straight days as I judge wines from around the world in the annual San Francisco International Wine Competition. Oh, how I suffer for my art!

Each year – this is the 34th year – wines from each corner of the world pour into San Francisco where they compete in the industry’s most influential wine competition in America. 

The contest is judged by multiple panels of judges and is done on a blind, consensual procedure, meaning that the three-judge panel tasting a particular set of varietals has to come to agreement on each wine tasted. For a wine to be awarded a Double Gold, it had to receive a Gold score from all three judges.

This year, 4,539 wines from 1,400 wineries, 30 countries, and 29 states were submitted to the competition. There were a total of 178 Double Gold awards handed out, with many of the top wines available for less than $35. These medal recipients represent some of the best values available in their class.

Click here to find out who some of this year’s Gold Medal winners are on this week’s Wine of the Week on WTOP Radio.

The complete list of award winners is available at

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