Celebrating Four Years of Wine of the Week with Naked Chardonnays

Over the last four years, we have covered a lot of wine on WTOP Radio’s Wine of the Week Segment. This week’s Vine Guy Column marks the fourth anniversary of the first segment – so I thought it would be fun to revisit the wines we covered in the first broadcast: Naked Chardonnays.

For those wine consumers whose battle cry is ABC (anything but chardonnay), unoaked chardonnays offer a pleasant alternative to sauvignon blancs, pinot grigios and rieslings. They are just the thing to serve along with seafood, shellfish or roast chicken. Or you can simply enjoy them while sitting on the porch. Soon, your new motto will be “drink naked.”

Click Here to read the full review of four value-oriented Chardonnay wines that are made without any oak influence

Click Here to listen to the special fourth anniversary airing of Wine of the Week show on WTOP radio (4:35 mins)

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