Wines to Put Some Sparkle In Your New Year’s Eve

New Year’s Eve is almost here – and no wine is more fun to welcome in the New Year than Sparkling wine. But just how should one go about finding the right sparkler for their particular palate? Well, price is always a factor, but how a wine gets its sparkle can also be important – since the bubbles impact both the flavor and the mouthfeel. The bubbles can be tiny or effervescent. In addition, wines can range from bone-dry to wonderfully sweet. They can be white, red or rosé. They can be fresh and lively or older and mellower. But it all adds up to a good time whenever a sparkling wine is in the glass.

Here are a few Sparklers from around the world that put the “pop” in popular.

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Have a happy and healthy New Year’s Eve – and please drink responsibly!

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