Bastille Day Wines

In America, the Fourth of July celebrates the anniversary of the day we declared our independence from Great Britain. In France, July 14th celebrates the historic day the oppressed citizens of France stormed the Bastille – a prison and citadel that stood as a symbol of the hypocrisy and corruption of the aristocratic government – and declared their independence from the repressive rule of King Louis XVI…. continue reading

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Toasting to the Memory of Nicolas Feuillatte

Nicolas Feuillatte Palmes d'Or 2002 Bottle ShotNicolas Feuillatte (pronounced Foo-Yatt), the legendary socialite and entrepreneur, passed away last month on August 12th at the age of 88. However, he will best remembered as the visionary who started the Champagne brand that bears his name.

Click HERE to read about the remarkable life and wines of Nicolas Feuillatte

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Desert Island Wines

2010_Mariner_bottle_rgbAt a recent dinner party, a guest asked me, “What five wines would you want if you were stranded on a desert island?”

Well, that certainly gave me pause to stop and think about coming up with my “desert island” wine list. It is important to note that, just like my “best wines I have ever had,” my desert island wine list is not necessarily made up of the best wines I have ever had. While I have enjoyed spectacular wines, I wouldn’t necessarily want to have on a regular basis since that would simply spoil the uniqueness of the experience. But, on the other hand, there are a few incredible wines I wouldn’t mind being stuck with either.

Click HERE to read about my desert island list

Click HERE to listen to my recommendations on WTOP Radio’s Wine of the Week

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Laboring Over Labor Day Wines

Miraval RoseAs we head in to the home stretch of summer and attempt to ease back into the routine of work and/or school, the last thing you want to think about is what wine to kick back with and enjoy this Labor Day weekend.

Good news – I have a few picks to make your weekend just a little less stressful.

Click here to listen to my wine recommendations for this Labor Day holiday on WTOP Radio’s Wine of the Week

Click here to read about my wine picks – and a nifty idea about how to keep your wine chilled to the max

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Yes Virginia, There Is A Governor’s Cup – The Best of Virginia Wines

Sunset Hill MosaicThe Virginia Wineries Association, in partnership with the Virginia Wine Board & the Virginia Vineyards Association, recently announce the winners and put together a “media case” of the winning wines for wine journalists and critics. I used my case as an opportunity to see how these wines fare with some wine-loving consumers. I assembled a panel of amateur wine enthusiasts and asked them to evaluate the wines in the Governor’s Cup case. The wines were evaluated based on appearance, aroma, taste and overall quality and scored on a scale of 1 (lowest) to 10 (highest). I kept the identity of the wines concealed until the end of the tasting.

Click here to listen to my top four picks on WTOP Radio’s Wine of the Week

Click here to read about which wines my panel picked as their favorites

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Smokin’ Hot Wines for Smoked Food

Omrah Unoaked Chard BottleThis past May, my wife gave me a smoker for my birthday, and I have become obsessed with smoking just about everything from pork products to potatoes. I love the wonderful flavor and tenderness that smoking imparts to various foods. The challenge is finding a wine that can stand up to some of the potent flavors infused by the smoke.

Click here to listen to my recommendations on WTOP Radio’s Wine of the Week

Click here to read about what wine to pair with smoked foods – it’s easy if you follow a few simple rules.


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Getting Crabby When It Comes To Wines

Sbragia Sauv Blanc BottleIf it’s summer in Washington, it must be time for crabs.  Whether you like your crabs in cakes, sautéed in soft shells or picking the blues, then there is a wine out there for you!

Just round up a mess of crabs and invite friends and neighbors in to share the treat. Just be sure you have some of these tasty wines on hand to enjoy with your favorite crustacean.

Click here to listen to my Crab-and-Wine pairing recommendations on WTOP Radio

Click here to read my recommendations


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Five Years of Wine of the Week On WTOP Radio – 2009 Vintage

Five years is a long time to do one thing – particularly if it is high school… But if it is spent doing the Wine of the Week segment on WTOP radio, then five years passes by in the blink of an eye.

So to celebrate five years of sharing some of my favorite wines with WTOP listeners, I am going to review wines that started their bottle-life out with me on WTOP – the 2009 vintage.

Click here to listen to this week’s Wine of the Week podcast on WTOP Radio

Click here to read the reviews

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Horsing Around for A Worthy Cause

horses-on-pointe-picture-300x200Every two years, the horse-riding community comes together to celebrate the impact that horses have on people in the therapeutic riding community.

On the evening of October 25th in Poolsville, Maryland, I am proud to be the Master of Ceremonies for Horses on Pointean evening dedicated to raising funds necessary to continue the therapeutic riding programs that bring so much joy to children and adults who can find a connection to the world through their bond with horses.

The evening will be filled with musical rides by Great and Small riders as well as some of the best riders, both professional and amateur, in the region. I encourage you to check out the link below and consider attending or donating to this little-but-amazing event.

Horses On Pointe

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Mother’s Day Wine Recommendations

Seifried-Sweet-Agnes-RieslingI know that the old adage about gift giving says, “it’s better to give than to receive,” but this Mother’s Day, I think it would be wonderful to give and receive a “thoughtfully tasteful” gift. After all, having a wife/mother who loves to cook – and occasionally enjoy a delicious glass of wine along with her culinary efforts – I like the idea of giving her a special bottle of wine with a theme (flowers, jewelry, candy). And if it really is the “thought that counts,” chances are good that this thoughtful spouse will receive the benefits of mom’s kitchen creations.

CLICK HERE to LISTEN to this week’s Wine of the Week segment on WTOP Radio

CLICK HERE to READ this week’s column


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